Sin Education Link has led me well from the beginning of my schooling journey in Singapore. It has kept me accompanied during the challenging time before entering government school. Helpful private tuition teachers were also suggested in order to help me cope with the stressful new learning environment. It has provided me with comfortable stay too! Sin Education Link has tried in various ways to understand me better and they value feedback from students. My guardian ensures my well-being in terms of academic by reaching out to


SIN Education Link has been the greatest helping hand since the day I first settled down in SIngapore, throughout the following years of secondary education till now where I am one semester away from getting my bachelor diploma. Mrs. Lim Hwee Kiang, or Aunty Lilian as we call her, and her crew never fails to provide and maintain comfortable settings for the hostel so that it would be as student-friendly as possible. They assisted the process of my admission into secondary school as well as tertiary school which reassured my parents who had no knowledge of SIngapore's education that i was in safe care. Identifying resourceful tutors to support my studies was also made possible by the group and this contributed to the exceptional Ordinary "O" level results that I managed to obtain. All in all, I would like to thank SIN Education Link for the valuable care and support they have given me and I hope they would continue to do so for the other up-coming students.

Daniel Abidin Aubry

SINEducationLink has helped me so much through these years of my education life in Singapore. The team helped me to advance to my first step of education in Singapore which is Secondary School. Before that, I had to attend a 6-month preparation course prepared by SINEduLink and the went through a test and finally accepted by the Singapore government school. Now, I am already in my poly's final year pursuing Diploma in Aerospace Electronics. SINEducationLink does not only help me with my education here in Singapore but alos provides a home for me with great companions. Overall, the experience studying in Singapore is great. It was an eye-opener. It has given me so much opportunity and endless possibilities to my future. I greatly appreciate the help given to me by SINEducationLink.


Suban here! It was three years ago when i first came to Singapore. I was introduced to studying in Singapore by my parents and I felt excited. So my parent's friend, Ms Lim Hwee Kiang helped us to get me into the school here. My first stop was the acadmies Australasia. It was a private school where I was trained for my AEIS exam. After six months of studying, I finally got into one of the secondary schools in Singapore. I was posted to Bendemeer Secondary School through AEIS. I stayed at that school for another two years and then i finally reached BCA Academy. As I am new to this school, I thought that this school is really low in their standard and I guessed it's not a good college to go to. But my instinct was wrong, I have met great people and have been taught by caring teachers. I also found my true ability in this school. Well, all this is thanks to my guardian and parents. Auntie Lilian ( Ms Lim Hwee Kiang) is a great inividual. Along the pat she always guides me along and showed me the right way to achieve my goal. Without her, I will never be who I am today. Of course I am an independent guy but I don't think I can do better if it's not because of her. Sin Education Link is one among the best.


Sin Education has helped me a lot throughout my study years in Singapore. Our guardian, Ms. Lilian Lim, is never hesitant about offering us her advice on which education path to take. She has alos introduced us to the established tuition agency (whenever necessary) to ensure that we make the most out of our overseas eduation and gain good grades for our selves. Adding on to that, I have also managed to make some good friends during my stay in SIn Edu. It was overall a bittersweet yet fun and trilling moments here, and of course a memorable one.

Lina Victor

When reporting into Queenway Secondary School in Singapore, I was talking to my parent about finding a new place and an official place and an official guardian. By chance, one of the guardians here heard about our conversation and invited us to check the hostel where she worked. From my school, we took a taxi and went to the hostel to check the place, which is satisfying both in location and facility and moved in a week before the school starts. After studying in Queensway, Madam Lilian informed me about taking an entrance test in BCA academy. When I passed the test, I immediately transferred from Queensway to BCA academy for foundation classes. BCA academy is a good college where most of its courses focused on building construction and architectural design, which had the course that I liked, construction engineering. In short, Sineducationlink has helped in my studies and given me a chance to get a good college with both courses that I liked and good teaching qualities.

Rui Adiwenata Limin

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