One-Stop Services

SIN Education Link Service Centre is committed to provide excellent services to International Students who seek our consultancy with regards to studying in Singapore. Our one-stop service includes:

Study Plan And Consultation

  • Provide education consultancy and information to individual students on the best education pathway for him or her.
  • Provide information to the parent and students regarding about the Education System in Singapore.


Preparatory Course Registration at Edutrust Certified Language School

  • Assist the International Students to register for Preparatory Course at an Edutrust Certified Private Language School.
  • Provide information about the respective schools’ tuition fee and other miscellaneous fee.

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Government School / Junior College / Polytechnic / Local/ Overseas University/ International School/ Architect/ Computer and Business School Placement Services

  • For admission to the Government school, we will assist the International Student to register the Admissions Exercise for the International Students (AEIS). Transportation will be provided for the International Students on the examination day.
  • Once the International Student has passed AEIS, we will register them to the school where hey are posted to.
  • For entry to Junior Colleges (JC) and Polytechnics, we will assist the International Students t submit the relevant documents and application forms to the respective schools. They would have to sit and pass a placement test before they can e admitted to the school subject to the vacancies available.
  • For entry to the Local or Overseas University, we will assist the International Student to apply to the Universities here and abroad.
  • Assist the International Students to register and proceed the Student pass the courses at Edutrust Certified Computer and Business Schools in Singapore.
  • Proceed and collection of the student pass

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Full-Board and Half-Board Student Accommodation

Please click here to view our Hostel Accommodation in the following strategic locations:

  • Waterloo View
  • Sin Thai Hin
  • Waterloo Apartment
  • Bencoolen Building


Round The Clock Guardianship Support

  • It is a requirement by the Ministry of Education for International Students to have a guardian while studying at the Primary and Secondary Schools in Singapore.
  • Aside from taking care of the International Students’ well being, our Guardians bring them to see a doctor whenever they are sick and also provide academic and moral support to them.


Study Abroad Arrangement After Completion of Study in Singapore

  • You can be rest assured that our Guardians will take good care of the International Students like their own children; Aside from providing them with all the support they need throughout their study in Singapore, we will also assist them in their to study abroad after they had completed their study here


Study Tour Programme

  • This is a 1 week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks Study Tour orientation programme for International Students who wish to know more about Studying in Singapore. They will be taught English lessons as well as visiting the different tourist attractions and schools in Singapore.

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Airport Pick-up

  • We know the anxieties that International Students face when they arrive in a foreign country for the first time. Our service include fetching them from the airport to our hostel.


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